investor relations

Notification of a significant change in the voting rights percentage, pursuant to Law 3556/2007

EKTER S.A., pursuant to the provisions of Law 3556/2007, and the executive decisions issued on this Law by the Capital Market Committee’s Board of Directors, as applicable, following the TR-1 notification form delivered on 17.10.2019, notifies the investment public that Mr. ATHANASSIOS SIPSAS, BoD Chairman of the issuing company, reduced his 25% voting rights in the Company. Specifically, Mr. ATHANASSIOS SIPSAS' percentage amounted to 4.000% of the total voting rights in the Company, which amounts to 450,000 shares.

Before this change, Mr. ATHANASSIOS SIPSAS’ percentage had amounted to 25.276% of the total voting rights in the Company, which amounted to 2,843,500 shares, and which corresponded to 450,000 direct voting rights (4.000% of the total voting rights) and 2,393,500 indirect voting rights (21.276% of the total voting rights).  
The above change (loss of indirect percentage) took place on 14.10.2019 as a result of the fact that Mr. Sipsas’ voting rights percentage in the company NIKIAS S.A. was reduced from 55.50% to 44.00%, resulting in his losing control of this company. It is noted that the number of shares in the ΝΙΚΙΑS company is 2,393,500 and its percentage of voting rights in the Company amounts to 21.276%.