Our Experience

Since its establishment, EKTER has executed many different kind of projects, alone or in the form of joint-ventures and has acquired vast experience in construction.

The company employs experienced and specialized engineers and all the skilled personnel required to execute its activities which are carried out with utmost dedication. Twenty four people are employed in total, as members of the administration and project’s management, of which twenty one hold a university diploma. In addition, for the execution of projects, the company employs a sufficient number of highly skilled and experienced engineers, foremen, technicians and laborers.

Furthermore, EKTER has a stable and efficient collaboration with the largest Greek banks, which finance or guarantee the financing of its projects when this is required.

After all these years of specialization in the construction of buildings with particular requirements, electromechanical or of other kind, EKTER has proudly become one of the Greek companies with the highest reputation in this field.