At EKTER SA, we are guided by a vision that amalgamates our heritage with our aspirations:

  • Commitment to Trust: With a track record spanning over 60 years, we've consistently upheld timely obligations and commitments to our suppliers, subcontractors, and partners.
  • Market Participation: We strategically participate in pivotal Greek public and private tenders, targeting projects with considerable returns.
  • Growth Ambitions:Our aim is perpetual growth, both in the scale and number of projects, with a vision to elevate our status in construction company classifications.
  • Strategic Joint Ventures: We actively seek and foster strategic partnerships with renowned entities in the sector, amplifying our capabilities and footprint.
  • Real Estate & Hospitality Expansion: We're leveraging our private assets and actively exploring upscale real estate and hospitality investment opportunities.
  • Technological Integration: We're harnessing the latest in IT advancements to refine our operational efficiency, giving us the agility to adapt and thrive in diverse environments.
  • Empowerment Through Knowledge: The continuous development of our expertise and the sustained training of our team are cornerstones of our strategy, ensuring we remain industry leaders.
  • Environmental & Social Responsibility: We pledge to uphold environmental and social responsibility in every aspect of our operations, ensuring a brighter future for the next generations.


Be a part of our vision as we architect the future landscape of Greek construction.