Contractor EKTER S.A.
Participation 100%
Construction Period 01/2016-12/2016
Project value 3,348,000.00


The surface of the land within which they work is (about) 9.000 m2. The building spans two (2) floors, total surface of 2,750 m2 and occupies a total volume of 22.330 m3.
The project consists of two buildings: a) office building (with a total built surface of 895 m2) and b) The metal warehouse building (with a total built surface of 1.700 m2).
OFFICE BUILDING (external dimensions 20,60m x 29,10m): The main body of the office building is a composite structure where the columns of the facades and the beams that contribute to them are steel sections HEA and HEB and other horizontal and vertical elements is reinforced concrete. The metal beams made of reinforced concrete plate on mold trapezoid sectional sheet. The outer shell of the building is made of large aluminum glazing and metal coverings ETALBOND sheets supported by the metal frame on perimeter walls of brick and columns of reinforced concrete. On the facades of office building down shading systems with electric aluminum blinds. The interior partitions provided to build with dry construction system (metal frame with bilateral investment drywall and insulated with insulating material). For the passage of the E / M installations, the construction of raised floors and suspended ceilings. Linking the two floors is accomplished by use of a lift, and alternatively by a metallic stairway which is lined with wood. On the ground floor of the office building is constructed AREA REPORT - HOST, the HALL EDUCATION and various utility rooms WC and changing rooms. On the first floor of the building there SPACES OFFICES, MEETING ROOMS, ARCHIVE OF ACCOUNTING, kitchen, WC and utility rooms for the convenience of E / M installations. In building down the construction of all modern / M installations (Water Supply, Sewerage, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Lighting, Network Structured Cabling, Security, Cctv, Fire Alarm Installation, Fuel Gas, Elevator, etc.).
METAL BUILDING WAREHOUSE (Major Foreign Dimensional 31,30m x 42,90m): The organization brings the building is made of metal frames which educated standard European metal steel grade S275JR sections in EN10025-2. Also provided kefalodokoi connecting metal frames and horizontal windproof housing associations as well as windproof vertical links in transverse and longitudinal axes of the building. To support duplication of the warehouse building constructed roof purlins which are based on metal runners of the roof. To support the Wall of a warehouse building constructed galvanized rafters standard form cold rolled section C, which are based on metal columns. The side covering of the metal warehouse building to be manufactured by the method of "ventilated" façade. Thus the perimeter of the building panels positioned polyurethane levels and on these is placed a metal sheet of trapezoidal aluminum section. On the roof down with rockwool insulation and waterproofing elastic membrane. On the roof of the building are also provided for light pipes to direct natural lighting of the warehouse, and ceiling fans in conjunction with electrically blinds Wall achieving ventilation of the warehouse. Within the warehouse, the construction of steel shelving for pallets and "small" quantities. In the expansion joint of two buildings constructed metal escape scale and mezzanine which houses the main areas placement of mechanical equipment and the general warehouse space.
SURROUNDING AREA: In the surroundings constructed road network with forty seven (47) parking spaces. The remainder of the plot takes place planting plants and trees for watering of which is installed automatic irrigation system and irrigation pipes network. The perimeter of the plot provided with metal fencing galvanized grate which sits on a wall of reinforced concrete. "