Contractor EKTER SA
Participation 100%
Construction Period 10/2019-05/2020
Project value € 4.880.000


The project involves interior arrangements, modification of facades, addition of galleries and projecting roof, landscaping and construction of swimming pools in an existing building, to be transformed into a 5-star hotel, in a land parcel outside town planning, at Vathi, Port of Thassos, in the municipality of Thassos, Regional Unit of Kavala. The hotel offers year-round accommodation with a capacity of 57 beds - 30 keys. The rooms are divided into 3 suites, 2 triple rooms, 22 double rooms, as well as 2 rooms for people with limited mobility. The building is developed on 3 floors with a total covered surface of 1,175.51 m2 and a built surface of 2,618.96 m2. The hotel building consists of a ground floor and 2 floors with a total surface of 2618.96 m2. The building houses all the services provided by the hotel, the main and auxiliary areas, as well as the rooms (spa, massage facilities, sauna, 6-instrument gym, bar directly communicating with the outdoor, heated swimming pool area, pool changing rooms, individual swimming pools, kitchen-cooking facilities, restaurant, main public areas, reception, lounge, living room, telephone and internet access, partially covered outdoor terrace with pergola and with unobstructed sea view, breakfast preparation facilities, cleaning facility, linen room etc.) Moreover, the hotel is equipped with all modern E/M facilities required for its operation (water supply, sewerage, LPG, drinking water drilling, fire extinguishing equipment, biological treatment unit, desalination plant, air conditioning, ventilation, high current wiring, lighting, BMS, LMS - KNX, elevators, telephones - data, Wi-Fi & Ethernet, TV, CCTV, alarm system, sound systems, addressable fire detection system, etc.).