Client KTYP SA
Contractor EKTER S.A.
Participation 100%
Construction Period 12/2013-12/2016
Project value 14,944,000.00


The project involves the upgrading of multi-storey section of the main building of the General Hospital of Patras "Agios Andreas" which consists of:
Designated foundation to be used for E/ M installations.

  • The basement comprising: Hospital Main Laundry, Hospital Main Kitchen, E/ M sites, building maintenance workshops and E / M installations,
  • The ground floor comprising: Radiology, Ultrasound, Endoscopy department, physiotherapy, Septic Surgery, Central Entrance as well as ancillary support departments.
  • The first floor comprising: Maternity and Infant Department and premature, and ancillary support spaces.
  • The 2nd floor comprising: Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Unit 27 beds.
  • The 3rd floor comprising: Pathological Nursing Unit 31 beds.
  • The 4th floor comprising: Pathological Nursing Unit 27 beds and Prisoners Unit 2 beds.
  • The 5th floor comprising: Cardiology Nursing Unit 21 beds and myocardial Unit 5 beds.
  • The 6th floor comprising: Nursing Urology and Plastic Surgery Unit of 29 beds.
  • The 7th floor comprising: Ophthalmology and ENT Nursing Unit 29 beds.

In the scope of the project also included the supply - Installation of Medical and Hotel Equipment in this building. Finally in the conventional scope of the project includes the preparation of detailed design by the Contractor. The total area is 9352.00 square meters approximately.